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One night a couple years ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a loud ringing in my ears (tinnitus), which has continued since, though it’s gotten much quieter and is now managable. One of the things I found which helped was cranio-sacral therapy (CST). I did several sessions of CST over the first four months since the onset, and I feel it help significantly. I still occasionally go back for a session, but less often.

But the woman who does the CST is also a naturopath, and so I went to see her again recently to talk about the juice fast I’m currently doing (we also did a bit of CST). At that time, she told me about another client named Charles who is also suffering from tinnitus and asked if I wouldn’t write to him about my experience. The following is the letter I just wrote to him.

By the way, I live in Bangkok, Thailand, so some of the references below are to businesses here.


Hi Charles,

Sorry to hear you have tinnitus. I still have it, but most days I only think of it for a few minutes…some days not at all…some days it gets louder/more annoying. But I’ve learned to live with it and I think I understand it better.

Below I’ll share my tinnitus story and tell you what things have helped with it. Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you’d also like to try some of these things, or not.

April 6, 2018 in the hot season I had 2 strong drinks with Mexican food, got dehydrated and also had exercised too hard. That night after going to bed was when it started. It was absolute hell…couldn’t get to sleep. Saw a few different shrinks which helped a bit. But the next four months had some extremely dark moments. I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel joy again.

Then I discovered the Englishman Julian Cowan Hill on youtube…

…and started to understand what was going on. He had tinnitus for 20 years…6 years (I think), so bad he couldn’t hear the phone ring…had to quit his job and move in with his mother. Then a friend asked if he’d tried cranio-sacral therapy (CST), he tried it and immediately saw improvement. Over the next 6 months (I think), he continued to do it regularly and got to the point where his tinnitus was at a very low level.

But he said it wasn’t until he address the candida (overgrowth of normal yeast), in his gut that it went away completely. (He says it can still come back a bit if he gets a cold.)

So, he became a licensed psychotherapist and CST therapist and now helps other people with tinnitus. I did a Skype session with him once. (Details at his site: )

He’s also written two books on it. I highly recommend his short book, “Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend: How to Let Go of Ringing in your Ears”:

In it, he says tinnitus is a ‘healthometer’: To get it to lessen, you have to pay attention to your health and relaxation, etc. For example, the more fruits and vegetables, and the less bad food (meat, sugar, processed foods, dairy, wheat, etc.), you eat, the lower it will be.

Because of his story, I searched for CST in Bangkok and found Mamouchka. I really don’t know how it works, but it has helped. Some sessions nothing much seems to happen, but it is always very relaxing—another key to lessening tinnitus. But some sessions have been quite emotional/dramatic. Again, I have no idea how it works, but it seems to.

I’ve been an omnivore all my life. I’m quite small for an American man (5’8″, 135lbs). But somehow I get sluggish and bloated every few years since I was about 40 (I’m 64 now). So, every couple years since about 2000 I go to Ko Samui and do a 1-week fast/cleanse at The Spa (Asia’s first detox resort). The first time was life changing, and every time after, I come out feeling really great…all cleaned out.

But The Spa is now under new ownership and prices have gone up significantly. Twenty-one days ago I realized it was time to do another clean out, and decided to do it myself this time.

Another thing I’ve done occasionally for the last 15 years is juicing–just making some fresh juice to drink when I felt my diet was getting crummy, and it always helps.

But I knew an extended juice fast could also help clean out your whole body. So, on Sept 13, 20 days ago, I started a juice fast. I make a green juice (for example: Chinese kale, cucumber, green apple, cilantro, lemon, ginger), and also some tastier juices, like watermelon juice, carrot-apple-ginger, etc.

Then I discovered a guy named John Rose on youtube. He’s kind of a quirky guy but is also a living example of the power of juicing and I’ve found him to be incredibly knowledgable and inspiring:

He calls it a ‘solid food vacation,’ or ‘juice feasting.’ I’ve learned a lot from watching his many videos, and also from videos by a number of other people who did extended juice fasts.

After the first week, my bloating went away, as has my candida overgrowth. And, like at The Spa, my skin is clearer, my belly is smaller, and I’ve seen a number of other improvements. And though I still have tinnitus, it’s usually at a very low level and some days I don’t even think of it.

Some people go as long as 90 days or longer on the juice fast. I joined the Juice Fasting Support Group on Facebook…

…and one woman there who seems to have a lot of experience said if you go 90 days, then your liver will have time to completely regenerate. I’m 95% sure I have problems with my liver (and probably kidneys and other organs, which can all get toxified through modern living and less than optimum eating habits), so also plan to do the liver and gallbladder cleanse designed by Andreas Moritz:–a-Powerful-Tool-to-Improve-Your-Health–by-Andreas-Moritz

I’ve done it twice before and have gotten very good results–the first time, miraculously, a knot in the back of my neck went away immediately at the final step of the cleanse. But it involves drinking Epsom salts, which are horrible tasting. But recently I found if I add a lot of fresh squeezed lime and use a straw to suck it into the back of my throat, I can get it down pretty easily. (Then you can take a tiny sip of grape juice or something to get rid of the taste if you want.)

At The Spa, the detox program also includes doing a colema (self administered coffee enema), twice a day. This can also really help move the ‘mucoid plaque’ (old, rancid fecal matter), out of your intestines, so they operate way more efficiently.

Because I no longer have my own colema board, I decided to get a colonic at Rasayana Retreat about a week ago:

If you’ve never done anything like this, it may seem weird the first time, but it can really help. But since that’s pretty pricey (almost B3000 per), I recently got an enema bag so I can do my own enemas at home. I ordered mine from, but Mamouchka told me they sell them at Lemon Farm outlets:

Well, I’ve rambled on for quite a while. But as you can tell, I’m pretty enthusiastic about this stuff. It does take some focus and determination, but I think if you follow some of this advice that your tinnitus will lessen and you’ll feel better overall.

Good luck with your journey and let me know if I can be of any help.


Dave Peterson

The "Dave" in the Rave


    1. Hi Evelyn,
      My tinnitus is at a very low level. I guess same as I wrote in the blog; some days I don’t think of it at all. Occasionally there are days when I’m more aware of it. I still believe it’s related to how well I’ve been eating, stress level, if I get dehydrated, too much salt, etc.
      Largely because of the bad Covid situation in Thailand, I recently moved back to the US. I lived with my sister for three weeks and was very happy to be back, seeing old friends, enjoying the nice weather. So my mood was very good and I hardly thought of the tinnitus. So mood and connection to other people I think also can help.
      If you have it, I hope you’re finding things that help. Another friend has it and found that it spiked after his first Covid shot (Moderna). He found a Facebook group and a channel on youtube that advocate a low histamine diet. Part of this is, I think, quitting coffee. I’ve know that would be a good idea, but I haven’t yet found a way to do that.

    2. Sorry for not seeing this before. As I said in the blog, I still have it, but it’s very manageable. I just reread it today, 4/26/23, and basically agree with everything I said. The healthier and more relaxed I am, the less I’m aware of the tinnitus. (I got into a very relaxed, healthy lifestyle in Mexico last year on the beach. Didn’t even think of tinnitus for a couple weeks.) If I get a spike, the reason is usually obvious: I got too much salt, dehydrated, not paying enough attention to my diet, stressed, too much physical exertion, etc. Then I know if I, for example, stop eating big meals too late in the evening with a couple glasses of wine, in a day or two I’ll notice I’m getting back to normal. It’s not instant, but pretty quick. I hope you’re having luck dealing with yours. —Dave P.

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