Trang Morning Market Photos

I mentioned before that I’ve been thinking about buying a camera with a long zoom for photographing birds and other stuff on my trip. Well, I think I’ll have to wait until I get back to Bangkok to find one of those. But in the meantime, it’s been fun trying to take some shots with my new iPhone 12, which has an improved camera over the one in my old iPhone 6.

The morning after arriving in Trang I managed to will myself out of bed around 6:00am, in order to take advantage of the “golden hour,” when the light is good for shooting. Within a couple blocks of my hotel I came upon an already bustling market in this Chinese-Thai area of town.

There were so many people, all moving fast, and I didn’t really want to point my phone directly in their faces, so just took a lot of photos from a distance, hoping I might be able to find a few good ones once I got them on my computer screen in my room.

The ones I came up with are mostly the result of cropping out everything but a finite subject. It’s still only a cell phone camera, but it shows the advantage of capturing a high resolution/pixel count image. With an actual DSLR camera, you could zoom in like this and have an even clearer picture.


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